We have had to temporarily suspend our programme of talks and astronomy evenings.
During the first half of 2015 it became apparent that there were issues with the bearings in the
telescope drive system - the resultant errors have made the tracking of targets virtually impossible.
To add insult to injury, the new coating on the primary mirror has lasted less than twelve months
and has started to deteriorate rapidly.
So in September 2015 we made the mammoth decision to conduct a full restoration..........
Mark Woodland is co-ordinating the re-coating of the mirrors by Orion Optics, using their top-of-the-range
 Hilux coating.  The company can also check the accuracy of the primary mirror using their Zygo interferometer.
While the mirrors are away, the OTA will be re-built and lined with new flocking.  All this, together with the
addition of a new Moonlite focusser, will guarantee a superb performance.
Adrian Dening has completely dismantled the drive system - both Right Ascension and Declination
shafts are now in the hands of a local engineering firm who will be installing new bearings and making
sure that everything rotates smoothly.
Our target for completion of all the work is Saturday 12th December 2015, which coincides with the
Wells & Mendip Astronomer's Christmas Party at Charterhouse.



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