The Charterhouse Centre Observatory telescopes have the following specifications:
Main telescope "Dudley"   Piggy-back telescope
Newtonian reflector Type Newtonian reflector
18.25 inches Primary mirror diameter 6 inches
127 inches Focal length 42 inches
f7 F/D ratio f7
For casual observing sessions, the observatory also has a portable 9 inch Newtonian reflector
supported on a manual Dobsonian mount.  This telescope has an F/D ratio of f6.
The telescope is equipped with a Telrad finder to make it easy for anyone to use
The main telescope lives on its original German equatorial mount and is powered by a Microstep
drive system from AWR Technology.  The Microstep drive box is bolted to the telescope pier,
with the AWR Intelligent Handset located on the operating desk and a Simple Handset available
at the telescope for fine manual alignment.  The system has a comprehensive "GoTo" ability
and can also be controlled by Stellarium software.


Intelligent Handset with Stellarium showing the The Simple Handset hanging from the pier with
current position of the telescope Microstep drive box mounted to the side


For occasions when we are entertaining a large party or for anyone who is unable to climb the steps
to reach the eyepiece, the output of the main telescope can be displayed using an Orion Starshoot
deep space video camera with a Sony LCD monitor on the desk.


Orion Starshoot deep sky video camera Sony monitor


To enquire about using the observatory for your own astronomical projects,
please contact Adrian Dening
07545 641068



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